Cox&Co. Sharing Shards - 120g

Cox&Co. Sharing Shards - 120g

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Bee Pollen & Honey

The Bee Pollen and Honey is backed with 61% cacao dark chocolate blended with honey and a sprinkling of bee pollen to deliver a rich dark chocolate hit balanced with just the right level of sweetness.


(98%) Trapiche Colombian dark chocolate (cocoa solids 61% min) (cocoa mass, panela powder [dehydrared sugar cane butter, emulsifer: soya lecithin; vanilla extract), (1%) bee pollen granules, (>1%) natural honey flavour. 

Coconut & Chia 

This 37% Cacao milk chocolate blended with a hint of coconut oil and a sprinkling of delicious chia seeds produces a treat that delivers the perfect balance of creamy rich chocolate and nuttiness


(97%) Melao Colombian Milk chocolate (cocoa solids 37% min, milk solids 15% min) (panela powder [dehydrated sugar cane juice] cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier; soya lecithin, vanilla extract), (2%) chia seeds, (>1%) coconut oil. 

Raw Cacao Nibs 

Our 85% Cacao dark chocolate with a sprinkling of delicious raw cacao nibs delivers the perfect rich dark chocolate hit and all of the benefits that come with it.


(95%) Tumaco Colombian dark chocolate (cocoa solids 85% min) (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier; soya lecithin; natural vanilla flavour), (4%) Colombian roasted cocoa nibs. 

Single Origin Pure Colombian Cacao 

The 100% Cacao from the Tumaco region of Colombia, no sugars, no extras. The resulting flavour is a deep and rich with a sweet back note delivering a rounded and intense dark chocolate hit. 

Ingredients (100%) Colombian Cocoa Mass